Newborn to Potty Trained

Our nursery is designed for kids ages 6 weeks until they are potty trained. Our nursery aged students have their own praise and worship time through a DVD series called “Praise Baby,” where they are invited to dance and sing in God’s presence. During the Sunday morning time, they also learn about various stories throughout the Bible. Their curriculum is developed to follow the outline of the Preschool class, but in much shorter increments for their developing attention span. They are provided with a snack and individual play time, as they continue to learn and explore God’s world. They will bring home color sheets and crafts that will provide you with an idea of the lesson they learned that day.


Potty Trained – Kindergarten 

All children ranging from those who are potty trained up through kindergarten are invited to a class designed specifically for them. They begin each service with the Elementary school aged children, and after our time of worship they move to a separate learning environment. In this class, they hear a Bible story, memorize a scripture verse, participate in a discussion about the story, create a craft or color a picture to bring home so they can tell their family all about the lesson they learned. They also have a time for a snack and group play time.


First – Sixth Grade

Once our praise and worship time is complete, we separate out into 2 groups– Preschool aged and Elementary School aged. The elementary aged kids have a time of learning a Power Verse from the Bible each week. Then they hear an illustrated sermon from various scriptures throughout the Bible. During this time, they are challenged to take a new understanding of Bible stories they are already familiar with, by applying that story to their life. After each illustrated sermon, there is a life application time, when through guided discussion the students are learning how to relate each story of the Bible to their own lives in practical ways. This time is followed by a time of prayer and worship, in which all students are encouraged to come to the altar and pray individually or with a leader as they are learning to grow closer to God. Each lesson is followed up with an activity and game that help make the story “stick” with the kids. There are also various fun object lessons that help the kids remember these important Biblical truths that are shared with them on a weekly basis.


What safety procedures are in place to assure that my child is always protected?

We value your child’s safety and want you to feel confident whenever you entrust them into our care. All of the workers in the children’s department have been background checked using a national database. We deep clean the nursery after every service and assure that all of the toys are age appropriate and in the proper location. We are peanut free and ask about any specific allergies your child may have upon initial registration.

How do I sign my children in and out of service?

Upon arrival to CLC you will be directed to our friendly Kid’s Quest staff. They will help you with the initial registration for your child(ren). We will ask for your child’s full name, birthday, grade and any allergies or medical conditions we would need to be aware of. Once complete your child’s name will be printed onto a label with a corresponding number you will use when you return to pick them up. 

What is the breakdown of the children's services?

The nursery workers assure that your child has a time of structured play, a Bible story, 2 songs, a snack and a diaper change. The Kid’s Quest students have an initial time of structured play, 3-4 praise and worship songs, scripture memorization, a Bible lesson,and a snack, concluding with an activity which aligns to the lesson. First time guest choose a special prize from our treasure chest while regulars receive a piece of candy once their parents pick them up.