Worship and Tech Team

Worship Team

This team prepares the way for our church family to encounter the presence of God through leading in worship. As a part of the team, you will have a unique perspective on what it means to champion the local church through worship! Whether you have a passion for playing an instrument or enjoy singing, the Covenant Life Church worship team would love for you to be a part!

Tech Team

The tech team uses creativity and technology to create an atmosphere in which our church family is able to whole-heartedly participate in worship. Being a part of the team will give you a unique understanding of how we can give God glory in every aspect of our lives. Whether you have experience in audio, lighting, video production, or simply just have an interest in the production side of worship, we would love to have you!


How do I join the worship team?

People interested in joining the worship team will go through an audition process: Singers will be asked to perform what they feel is their best song. Musicians will be given a chord chart and be asked to play their part.

What are the practice obligations and times?

Obligations are attending practice on Thursdays and before service on Sunday morning when on schedule. Singers and musicians may be asked to take part in special services.

What musical/singing experience is required?

Singers must demonstrate the ability to stay on pitch and keep a consistent tempo. Musicians must know general key and chord structures and keep a consistent tempo.